Wayne Baughman, wrestling coach USAF Academy CO

Whom it May Concern,

I wish to express my appreciations for, and congratulate the Peninsula Wrestling Club (PWC), Coach Roy Pittman and the other club coaches for their superior support of and contributions to amateur wrestling. The PWC includes wrestlers from the developmental age their program includes both the interscholastic/intercollegiate styles as well as the international/Olympic styles of wrestling. The PWC has consistently produced winners/champions in every style at every age level including the United States’ most recent (1997) World Champion, Les Gutches.

More important than the PWC’s wrestling successes however, is the club’s very positive role in the personal development of the quality individuals the club produces. The United States Air group/kids programs through the elite World Championship/Olympic levels of competition. Force Academy (USAFA) is a very selective, demanding institution with extremely high standards for both admission and to succeed. USAFA students represent the best of the best from every state as well as numerous foreign countries. 

There are for PWC members (C1C Jake Sherer, C2C Luke Bindreiff, C4C Shawn Finnicum and C4C Vince Sherer) on the intercollegiate wrestling team here, and all four have an excellent change of making one of the ten varsity weight class starting positions. These individuals are most representative of the “Whole Man Concept” and “Commitment to Excellence” the USAFA seeks out and the PWC turns out. PWC student/athletes are winners both on and off the mat and are successful both in wrestling and in life.

The PWC is the premiere club of its kind in the entire United States.

The service it provides young athletes encompasses far more than wrestling and extends beyond the community to include the entire state of Oregon and parts of Washington. Coach Roy Pittman and the PWC staff are class individuals who run a First Class Program! I wish them continued success in their great program and in generating the support necessary to become even more successful.

Wayne Baughman
Wrestling Coach
USAF Academy CO
March 18, 1998