Derrick Foxworth, Former Chief of Portland Police

To Whom It May Concern:

RE: Roy Pittman

This letter of recommendation is being written on behalf of the Peninsula Wrestling Club and Head Coach Roy Pittman. As the National Coaches Education Program Coordinator for USA Wrestling, I have had the distinct pleasure of working with Roy, his athletes on our Senior National Teams, and his club directly for the past four years. During this same time frame, due to my job responsibilities, I have had the opportunity to study the most successful coaches and wrestling programs in the nation. I mention this due to the fact that Roy Pittman and the Peninsula Wrestling Club are easily among the top 10 wrestling programs in the World.

This letter is in support of Roy Pittman. As Chief of Police for the Portland Police Bureau, the largest law enforcement agency in the State of Oregon, I have met numerous individuals who have dedicated their lives to helping youth and their community. However, there are few that stand out above the rest, and Mr. Roy Pittman is one of those individuals. 

Roy founded Peninsula Wrestling Club (PWC) in the early 1970s. Roy’s love of wrestling, athletics and youth became intertwined in a community project that has undoubtedly affected thousands of children in our community. The discipline, integrity and hard work that wrestling requires challenges young people to dig down deep in their souls, while they build their self esteem. As Roy says, “Every kid has the opportunity to find the hero in themselves.”
As a community leader, Roy’s assistance with the Portland Police Bureau and furthering our community policing goals has been invaluable. We have relied on Roy to be a part of the Chief’s Forum (a public advisory group to the Chief of Police), the Blue Ribbon Committee on Racial Profiling, the African American Advisory Council and many other community/police partnerships. He has given countless hours assisting us in building trust and relationships in the community, even going so far as attending our multi-week Police Citizens Academy.

Law enforcement officers rely heavily on strong leaders in the community to assist us in our community policing efforts. I firmly believe that impacting today’s youth plays a significant role in our community policing efforts, and Roy’s integrity, support and enthusiasm is invaluable to our community.


Derrick Foxworth
Chief of Police
Portland, Oregon
February 28, 2006