Day 5 By Aaron Blaine


June 22nd
Today I awoke at 5:45 and got ready. My mom washed some clothes for me. 🙂 I put on some clothes and went downstairs to eat. The food was gross :P. I then went to my mom’s room and brushed my teeth. I came up and got my bag and went downstairs. When I got to the stadium I warmed up. Today was Greco babe!! :D. My First match I wrestled Josh Reyes from Cobra, he beat me with shoulder throws. It hurt a lot! 🙁 The second match I wrestled I tried some stupid arm throw and got caught. I lost the first round and had to win the next two. 😀 I did. The third match I wrestled someone from Utah. I won the first round by tech. Then my shoulder started giving out and I couldn’t drag or anything. It sucked. After that match was over I was angry. I went outside to cool off. It helped because it was raining. Then after awhile dinner came around. It was chicken and rice. Probably my favorite dinner so far. 😉 Then we went to the hotel and went to the meeting :). After the meeting was over I went to my mom’s room to ask if she could do some laundry for me. She wouldn’t :P. So I got my cloths together and I will wash some tomorrow. Hope tomorrow is better.