Day 2 by Hayden Stockwell

Western Regional 2011, Pocatello, Idaho

Today I woke up at about 8 o’clock and had breakfast. I had about an egg worth of scrambled eggs, and a small pancake. I ate so little so I can make weight of 112. After that, I went back to my hotel room and took a shower. When I got out, I checked my weight and it was 109 lbs. So then I went to the lobby and played some iPod games with Thomas, Marco, and Gavin. Later, we went back to my room and played some Texas Hold ’em with the deck of cards and clay poker chips I got for Christmas. Marco, Thomas, and I then left to Thomas and Marco’s room across the hotel and played with Thomas’ new iPad. In the middle of us playing, Dallas came in and grabbed Marco so he could give him a haircut. Then Thomas’ parents came after they went shopping. Some of the teammates like me, Thomas, Joe, Jon, Madison, Allison, Preston, Tye, and more unloaded the truck and put the groceries in Thomas’ room. After we finished, I tried to go my room by going through the back door, but I needed a key. So I had to go through the front door that goes to the lobby. About 6 minutes later, I got to my room and had a banana. I decided to go outside and play some football. Coach Jess walked by and said we were having a meeting before we left for weigh ins. We talked about money management and being wise about it and respecting people and representing the team and ourselves. When we got to the Holt Arena at Idaho State University, I checked my weight and jogged with Kody, Marco, and the new Austin make weight. I got my new gear for the tournament. It had a t-shirt, a pair of shorts, a cool Asics bag, and two awesome singlets. One of them was blue that showed a mountain with snow, and the other with a mountain with fire on it which was the red one. I then got my weight slips and went to the line to get my skin checked and to get weighed in. I weighed 105.6 lbs, I think I should of done more running before so I could possibly go to the 105 lbs bracket. When I left, Team Oregon had a big barbecue with plenty of hot dogs and hamburgers. We then got back to the hotel and went to another meeting. This time, it was about not pushing first year wrestlers on cutting weight, so they won’t hurt themselves and so they would enjoy the experience of wrestling. We also talked about staying healthy for tomorrow. After the meeting, Gavin, my dad, Kody, his dad, Jon, and I went to the convenient store and got some snacks really fast, and was able to make it to our room by curfew. Over all, it was a really good day. I’m a little bit nervous about tomorrow, but I know that I will do alright. All I have to do is to try my hardest, and rely on what I’ve learned in the Pitt. I’ll win a few matches and hopefully place. I feel good just to be able to be here, thanks to coach Pittman and my other coaches. My Peninsula Team really helps me out with wrestling and to be a better person. It’s good to be part of our team. Tomorrow is our first tournament, we are wrestling Folkstyle. I’ll be wrestling in the 112 lbs Schoolboy/Schoolgirl bracket, 5:30 a.m. will come soon so I better get some rest to be ready to do my best.