Welcome to Peninsula Wrestling Club

Roy A. Pittman, Head CoachThe Peninsula Wrestling Program has been building the minds and bodies of Oregon’s youth for over forty years.

During that time we have had over 60,000 young men and women come through the program, many of whom have won state, regional and national titles. The program, both then and now, is about DEVELOPMENT… giving young people the skills that will make them positive, contributing members of society.

How does this happen?? with coach and parent working together. I need your help.

When kids get involved in a sports program, what are YOU looking for? We should be looking for effort, team work, perseverance, sportsmanship, hard work and the ability to deal with adversity. Parents love comparing their kids and parenting skills to others. There will always be differences, not good or bad just different.

One of my goals for your child is to open their mind as to how great they can be. This takes time, understanding, trust and patience. I have all four, DO YOU? Throughout thi process there will be setbacks, pain and disappointment, but there will also be change.