Brett Penager, NCEP Coordinator USA Wrestling

To whom it may concern:

This letter of recommendation is being written on behalf of the Peninsula Wrestling Club and Head Coach Roy Pittman. As the National Coaches Education Program Coordinator for USA Wrestling, I have had the distinct pleasure of working with Roy, his athletes on our Senior National Teams, and his club directly for the past four years.

During this same time frame, due to my job responsibilities, I have had the opportunity to study the most successful coaches and wrestling programs in the nation. I mention this due to the fact that Roy Pittman and the Peninsula Wrestling Club are easily among the top 10 wrestling programs in the World.

In all of my research I have found several factors that separate the best from the rest and I am willing to share these with you for they epitomize Roy Pittman and the Peninsula Wrestling Club: 

  1. ¬†INTEGRITY – The success of any organization will ultimately be determined by the leader of it. In my experiences and study regarding this, there is a clear difference between the illusion of integrity and the reality of it. Roy Pittman has and will continue to “walk the talk” unlike few men I have ever known.
  2. PASSION – The greatest coaches of all time exhibited this trait in blatant quantity. It only takes 10 seconds being around Roy and his athletes to understand how important this quality is and how much a part of his program this entails.
  3. COMMITMENT – Roy’s commitment to these athletes on and off the mat, during their stay in the club and later in their adult life is truly remarkable. All one has to do is ask the participants of the club and they will tell you all you need to know.
  4. LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT – All successful programs can be measured by the number and quality of leaders that come out of it as a result of being a part of it. The Peninsula Wrestling Club under the leadership of Roy Pittman has developed innumerable highly successful athletes, coaches, and most importantly quality adult citizens.
  5. SUCCESS – The bottom line in our competitive society is that the strong will survive. Roy has developed not only Olympians on a wrestling mat, but Olympian character young adults. Through we understand the importance of this on a long term basis; he has also developed an incredible group of children who are equipped with the tools to succeed in anything they do.

In closing I would just like to say how highly regarded Roy is in every area of his life. His attitude, enthusiasm, love, compassion, character and many others like terms do little justice in explaining the depth of their truest meaning about this man. There are many other administrators, coaches, athletes, and people that would support this statement.

I offer myself as a willing party to not only speak to you regarding these facts, but I will also lead you to several experts in the field to validate my opinion. I highly recommend that you research and call as many references as you deem necessary.

Once again, it is with incredible pleasure that I give my highest recommendation for Roy Pittman and the Peninsula Wrestling Club.

Brett Penager
NCEP Coordinator
USA Wrestling
March 18, 1998