Biography of Roy Pittman written by a current wrestler

Coach PittmanBig Dog

Martin Luther King, Jr. once said in his famous speech, “I dream of a time when a person is judged not by the color of his skin, but by the content of his character.” My biography is about Roy Pittman (Big Dog) and the content of his character.

Roy Pittman was born in 1943 in Monroe, Louisiana. He has two brothers and three sisters. He grew up in Portland, Oregon. He graduated from Washington High School His favorite sports were football and softball. However, he used the conditioning from wrestling for these sports.

Coach Pittman 1988

Coach Pittman 1988

I interviewed Roy Pittman in his office before wrestling practice on a Monday evening. Roy seemed to be very relaxed before we even got started. I started my interview with the easier questions, but they got harder as time went on.

Roy said that his hobbies and interests involve coaching and motivation people. He considers himself a good cook better than Chef Boyardee. He became involved in wrestling twenty seven years ago. He has coached both national freestyle and Greco-Roman teams. He has also been an Olympic wrestling coach.nks that the most important thing you can teach wrestlers is to love themselves and to know that they deserve it. He believes that most exciting thing that happened to him is when young people and parents see what they have in common with each other.

Roy stated that strong parents with strong values have made him what he is today. When asked what he wanted to do after he retired, he replied, “I would like to consult coaches in other sports that deal with motivating kids.” He wants to be remembered as a person who gives to all people at all times.

As you can see the quality of Roy Pittman’s character is very clear. I interviewed several coaches who work with Roy Pittman. In each interview I learned more about the character of the man.

Coach Pittman Wrestling

My first interview was with Coach Thompson. Coach Thompson has known of Roy Pittman for more than fifteen years. However, he has known him personally for fifteen years. He had met Roy at a wrestling tournament. I asked Coach Thompson what his most memorable experience was. He said that when he needed help Roy had given it to him. Coach Thompson like Roy’s sense of humor and his consistency. He has learned from Roy Pittman to live everyday to its fullest. He has learned to be more patients. Coach Thompson said that knowing Roy Pittman has changed his life. He has helped him be more focused. He has helped him to work with many different cultures. He thinks that Roy is a good coach because he teaches skills that work with young kids, as well as with older kids. Roy teaches the same skills to kids that are at different levels. He teaches kids to work with each other.

My second interview was with Coach Aaron. Coach Aaron has know Roy Pittman for twenty two years. He met Roy at Peninsula Park. Coach Pittman asked him if he had every wrestled before. He replied, “No.” Then, Coach Pittman invited Coach Aaron into the wrestling gym. His most memorable experience with Roy Pittman was when Coach Aaron lost the state championship. Coach Pittman got angry with Coach Aaron, which hardly ever happens. Coach Aaron likes Roy Pittman’s honesty. He likes Roy’s open mindedness. He has learned from Roy Pittman patience, the importance of good decision making, and thinking things through first. Coach Aaron says that knowing Roy Pittman has opened many doors that were once closed. Roy has enriched Coach Aaron to be a better person. He provided Coach Aaron avenues to college through wrestling. Coach Aaron believes that Roy Pitman is a great motivator.
I now want to share my personal experience with Roy Pittman. I want to share what I’ve learned about his character. I want to share how his character has influenced my character.

Coach Pittman OutsideI have known Roy Pittman for little over two years. I met Roy when I came to Peninsula Park to practice with the mat club. I have learned many things from Roy. One is to take your time and get it right. Another is that there are no short cuts. The things that I have learned from Roy have made me a better wrestler and a better person.
My most memorable experience with Roy Pittman was when all of the wrestlers went to the classroom for a talk. Roy talked about many of the other wrestler’s performance. He came over to me and said that I was awesome, and that I didn’t take any prisoners. That made me feel real good.

There are many tings I like about Roy Pittman. I like how Roy thinks before he speaks. I like that he never makes excuses. I like that he is always ready to give people his time.

Roy greets all of the wrestlers with, “Hey, Big Dog!” That is his way of saying hello. We reply in our own way. Even though he calls us Big Dog, we all know who the real Big Dog is. We all know who the dog in the house is. We all know the character of the dog.